The arrival of the King

The Arrival of the King !

17 thoughts on “The Arrival of the King !

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      • We saw him in Masai Mara , Kenya , during an early morning safari trip. It was the great wildebeest migration time in Kenya , when millions of animals will be there.

        The lion with brown mane in early morning light is one of the most coveted sights for wild life enthusiasts .I am obliged to my stars ! πŸ™‚ !

        Thank you , Asha .


      • I can’t stop skimming through your shoots. But the downside is the theme does not support your work. The images should be available to view at mere glimpse. Having to click for image post or shoot is a little tiring. Consider?

      • Oh , never knew this problem.I have been using the theme for nearly 5 years now.

        Thank you for identifying it. Shall certainly try to rectify the problem .

        I am not sure which theme will be right . Have to experiment with good themes and find out.Thanks ,again , Asha .


  2. Reblogged this on Petchary's Blog and commented:
    Friday, March 3 was World Wildlife Day. This photograph shows the power, dignity and beauty of our animal kingdom, to me – look at those tawny eyes – and it demonstrates why we should stop killing, poaching, hunting, trafficking the creatures that share this planet with us. They have as much right to be here as we do. And it’s not just the “big animals” – even here in the Caribbean, on a much smaller scale, our beautiful parrots are at risk from capture and trafficking. Humans are the greediest and most destructive animals on the planet.

    • Fully agree with you , Emma .
      Perhaps , Man is the most dangerous animal as well.
      None of the big cats or other predators kill other animal , unless they are hungry.
      And Man kills them for his greed for money .
      Worse . most often , for cheap fun and thrill .

      Thank you for re blogging the image.


  3. Nobody would love to encounter a lion along a path like this whether it is hungry or not.
    I’ll rather admire the image than encounter a loose one.
    Lovely shot!

    • πŸ™‚ ! Teecee , we were in the safety of a vehicle .
      Otherwise , as you said , who will like to encounter a lion ?

      Of course , it was early morning and this one was hungry .
      We foilowed him. He went straight to his family feeding on dead wildebeest .
      When he came all of them moved away and he started eating the carcass .

      Thank you , Teecee.


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