In deep water

A stranded wildebeest in croc-infested Mara river


4 thoughts on “In deep water

    • 🙂 ! We waited for about half an hour , Graham. It could not move much. The currents were strong and our guide said sometimes their legs get trapped in between the rocks in the river . Any way , we moved to another place after half an hour . We too were curious to what happened to it . So we came back to this place by evening while going back to our hotel. It was not seen there . I saw those gigantic , hungry looking , giant crocs that wait in the river and on shore . It is quite unlikely that the wildebeest could stay safe in the river for long . 🙂 !

      I could photograph a croc attacking a wildebeest – a series of pictures of attack . It is brutal and gruesome .Shall post it shortly.

      Thank you ,Graham. Thanks – a lot !


      • Thank you! Love your photographs, they remind me greatly of the various David Attenborough shows I have seen over the years on TV.

      • I am grateful , Graham ! Hope the pictures live up to your expectations . Shall try not to disappoint you.

        I ,too , am a fan and follower of David Attenborough . A remarkable man , he is.

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