A Neolithic Monument Complex in England

It is believed to be built , in stages , from 3000- 2000 B.C , by a culture that left no written records.

Archeologists still debate on how it was built and what purpose it served.

It is the best known prehistoric monument in Europe – A British cultural icon , a source of inspiration

Wiltshire, England



2 thoughts on “STONEHENGE

  1. I am old enough to remember (and it is not that long ago) when visitors could walk between the stones, stand below the giant arch…… then you really did appreciate the toil, skill and creativity. With the ‘blue stones’ being transport from South West Wales and that alone was some achievement. Still a remarkable wonder of the world 🙂

  2. You are lucky, David . I was disappointed to see that visitors are not allowed to go anywhere near the stones .After going all the way , to the site , that was a set back. From the distance nothing significant could be appreciated and we had to depend on commentaries and internet to what it is .Of course , it is interesting to its story .

    Thank you .


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