A Rhino !

One of the few survivors of the species !

Lake Nakuru , Kenya.

6 thoughts on “A Rhino !

    1. A couple of sub species of rhinos are already extinct , Dan.
      Since their ‘ horn ‘ is expensive , poaching is widespread even now.
      Sad state of affairs !

      Thank you.


    1. Though not exactly handsome , massive body with small legs and eyes make them interesting .
      Their impressive ‘ horns ‘ are their curse . The horns are extremely expensive for their ” medicinal ” value in some countries.Many poachers kill them,cut the horn from the body and leave the rest the body in the wild.
      Poor rhinos can’t fight against guns ! And very few remain on the earth now .

      Thank you , Janet


  1. Irrespective of efforts by local people , conservationists and governments , poaching is still widespread.
    Sadly many subspecies are already wiped out from the surface of earth.

    Money reigns supreme !

    Thank you .


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