A  photography blog.

The charm of photography is in freezing the fleeting moment in time – for ever.

And , often , making the invisible , visible.

Here are a few photographs. Fewer words , as well.

All plain and simple.

By an amateur in photography ,  still learning about apertures and shutter speeds

From Kochi – India.

Feel free to post your comments and criticisms.

Thank you for stopping by.

Let there be light !




207 thoughts on “Home

  1. Thank you for Liking “The Face”. I was surprised at the response to this poem/painting. I just knocked it out in a few minutes, and wrote the poem because I couldn’t find one I liked online to go with the painting. I guess it shows my own poems are the way to go.

    • Certainly, Russell. Whenever possible, go with your own poems. Noone else understands the real meaning of painting , its real spirit, as much as you do. All the best !

  2. Dear Utham,

    Thank you for liking my post “The Miracle of Life” I love your photos you have a very special way to show the world to us.
    Feel welcome any time to my blog.
    Have a great week. 🙂

    • Thank you Adriana,for the kind words .
      Enjoyed your blog. Shall visit the blog more frequently. Keep going !

      Thanks again , for stopping by


  3. Utham,

    Thank you for visiting my blog “arnnarn.com” and liking the entry “Whoa, there’s a moose…” I hope you come back often. I’m enjoying your photographs as well. Keep up the good work.


  4. You are welcome. Keeping a creative frame of mind and framing up what you see really helps. WIth everyone having a camera, we all need to set ourselves apart. Best wishes.

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  6. You have been awarded The Sunshine Award.
    Sunshine Award Rules:
    1- Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them.
    2- Tell us something about yourself.
    3 -Nominate 10 other bloggers.
    4 -And let them know you awarded them!

    • THANKS A LOT ( in Capitals ! ) , Ronnie
      Thanks a lot for your support.
      I am happy to receive the honor.

      Shall check your blog.
      Thanks again !!


  7. Your photography is amazing! I am nominating you for ‘the very inspiring blogging award” The award is on my homepage to get it you have to say 7 secrets about yourself & nominate 15 favorite bloggers. or ignore it. I just wanted you to know you are one of my favorites!- Amy

  8. Hi Uthamz, How about adding a navigation box to the side of your blog as there is no information on where your next post is… TY! 🙂

    • Thank you sooooooo much for the suggestion , Elizebath. This is my first blog and my experience is limited.

      I have added two new widgets at the footer area , for navigation. One shows five recent posts.The other one shows calender with dates of posts.

      I , certainly, tried adding them to the side bar. But with this theme, it reduces the width of the posts and make them much smaller.Hope the current lay out is helpful.

      Any suggestion to improve the blog is always welcome !

      Thanks again

    • Remember , Elizebeth, you once suggested to add some widget to improve navigation through the posts in my blog ?
      I too have been feeling the difficulty in navigation . I tried all the tricks I know , but failed miserably.
      So , I changed the theme itself . Please see the new one and let me know how it is .
      Thank you very much for your valuable suggestion.


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  10. The F stops don’t make the photographer. The photographer finds/makes the photo and chooses the f stops. You seem to be doing a great job with some fascinating photos. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  11. Thanks for the “like,” uthamz. I really like the sense of both curiosity and calm in your photographs.
    What (if anything) stood out for you in the interview?

  12. You have a sensitive and beautiful way of seeing your world. I have enjoyed traveling via your gorgeous imagery. Thank you for stopping by my blog today so that I could enjoy yours.

    • Thank you , Linda , for the kind words.
      Enjoyed your bright and beautiful blog !
      Love musings and the paintings .
      The colors of country life are awesome !
      Congratulations !


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  14. I have not seen your blog posts in my mail box. Went to look. I got off WordPress for awhile, and somehonw when I rejoined something happened to my signing up to follow your blog. Glad you knocked on my WordPress door! I just subscribed again to your wonderful photos.

  15. Thank you for the “like” on my photo blog – the spider webs. You have wonderful photos here! I would love to visit India some day…but your great photos have taken me there in my dreams!

    • Thank you , for the kind words.
      I enjoyed your impressive blog .
      I envy the list of countries you have visited.
      And the photographs you have posted ! 🙂 !
      India is certainly a country you should visit.
      Especially since you are interested in both travel and photography .

      Thanks , again


  16. Thank you very much, Utham! Travel is a wonderful thing and India is high on my list. But there are always interesting photographs in our own back yards…it is the “art of seeing”. I can “see” that you have that gift!

  17. Thanks for visiting my blog Utham. You live in ‘God’s own country’ that we will be visiting very soon 🙂
    And I am looking forward to the trip. You have a great blog going on here and some wonderful photos too.

    • Thank you so much Annedesa , for the kind words . Let me congratulate you for the awards you received recently . You , sure , deserve them . Keep it up.
      Welcome to our country. Certainly , there are imperfections and problems here. But , surely ,there are some great things to be experienced here. I am sure you will like the place .

      Regards ,

      • And Kerala is a beautiful place 🙂 Unfortunately we are not staying in Kochi but just transiting on our way to Munnar… Hopefully I will take beautiful photos of the places and post them on my blog.

      • Munnar is a beautiful hill station, Annedesa.
        Better than Kochi which is just another city .
        Happy holidays ! Enjoy !

        Waiting for your future posts ,

  18. Thank you for visiting my blog. I tried to leave you a comment about your photo of the red roofs in Singapore but for some reason I couldn’t. I wanted to say what a wonderful patchwork effect the different tones of the roofs made. We visited Singapore a few years ago, it was a fascinating place with so many different cultures living side by side

    • I am sorry for the trouble. I don’t have clue what caused it .
      And thanks a lot for stopping by and appreciation.
      Singapore impressed me too , especially by the organised way in which they promote tourism.
      – the way they make the tourists make feel comfortable.


  19. Have very much enjoyed wandering thro’ your wonderful variety of photos Uthamz ! from Parrots in Bliss to the Lonely Road and on to Colourful Festivities 🙂

  20. Hello, I have nominated you for “Blog of the Year 2012″ and “The Very Inspiring Blog Award”…You can find the awards and the pick up at “The Secret Keeper(dot)net” Congratulations! ps. for some reason your blogs will not accept a link in your comment boxes.

    • Thank you Jennifer .
      Thanks alot for the nominations !
      I am delighted to receive them !

      Your blog is excellent !
      The ‘ About ” – simply superb !!
      Keep going !
      Shall visit the blog more often.

      Shall check the links.
      Thanks again.


  21. Sir thank you very much. but sir I don’t know how to thank you in what words. your encouragement is amazing.

    Once again thanks sir

  22. A bright pathway … is an indicative of a beautiful future …
    Have a happy new year everyone … Thanks Uthamz …..

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  24. Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my posts. I always enjoy coming over and seeing your beautiful photographs. They brighten my day. ^_^

  25. Thank you for visiting my blog! You may be just learning the technical details of shutter speed and aperture, but your work is wonderful, you talent clear, and your beautiful heart is proudly displayed in each of these splendid photos.

  26. Thanks for visiting my site. I’ve been to Cochi, and it is certainly a place that offers glorious photographic opportunities. May your delight in photography and beauty increase.


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  30. Thank you for liking my entry. Your photographs are beautiful as I am sure the stories behind each of them. Creatively shot and wonderfully captured!

  31. Namasté from Toulouse, France! 🙂 Wonderful post and blog… Thanx for dropping by our international playground, have a great weekend and tons of inspiration! My very best & good luck in all your present endeavours! Cheers! Mélanie

    • Merci , Melanie ! :)!
      ( I know very little French only. Sorry ! )
      We had a great time in Paris .
      And we ended up in love with the city !

      The architecture , sculptures , museam , the food ,
      the streets , the river , the life … everything seems to
      be great ! Be proud of your country !

      Merci encore !
      Tous les meilleurs!
      ( All the very best ! )


    • Thank you , so much , Tomas !
      Thank you for the encouraging words.
      Life , with all its micro and macro events , I feel , is nothing less than a miracle. Let us explore it, enjoy it and still keep wondering !


  32. Thank you for checking out my work. Had a look through some of yours and it is amazing!!
    Really good work and keep it up, look forward to seeing more.

  33. The charm of photography is in freezing the fleeting moment in time – for ever. THIS IS SO TRUE. AND SO INTERESTING. I LOVE THAT ABOUT PHOTOGRAPHY. I HAVE A SIMILAR STATEMENT ON MY BIO. HA. YOUR WORK IS NICE.

    • Thanks a lot , Shun P.

      Certainly written words are powerful .
      And at times , they can change the world.

      Frankly, my writing talents are pathetic.
      Better , I should stick with whatever photography I know ! 🙂 !

      Thanks again !


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  35. Thanks for following my blog.
    I think your photographs are great. I especially like your fondness for saturated color.

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    • Thank you very much , for the nomination !
      I am delighted !
      Shall check the link .

      My congratulations for being nominated for the award !
      You deserve it !
      All the very best !


  37. What a surprise finding your blog! I’ve been in Kochi in January this year… a very beautiful place. Kerala is amazing! Full of light and colours, best place to become a photographer 🙂

    • Thanks a lot ,Claudia , for the kind words. Happy to know impressions on Kochi. I do agree with you ,it is truly blessed by nature. Of course , there are problems and deficiencies . But they are all man- made. Nature has been extremely kind .

      Thanks again .


    • Thanks a lot , Claudia , for the kind words. Happy to know your impression on Kochi. I do agree with you , it is truly blessed by Nature . Of course , there are problems and deficiencies . But , they are all man-made . Nature has been very kind.

      Thanks again for stopping by.


  38. Your photos are beautiful, as is your philosophy and writing. Thank you for visiting my blog and allowing me to discover yours. I look forward to taking the time to explore your archives and share in your future adventures.

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