I am a photography enthusiast – with no formal education in photography , but with a keen interest in the art of photography . From Kochi, India.

I am interested in the miracle called LIFE – of humans and all other forms .

I watch and admire LIFE, with awe. I am also interested in the NATURE – the incredibly beautiful world that we live in.
Documenting all forms of life in the most beautiful way possible is my humble tribute to the amazing phenomenon of life.Photography seems to be an ideal tool to do this.

The charm of photography lies in its ability to freeze a fleeting moment in time , for ever – leading it to the realm of immortality .
I am a practising doctor – a neurosurgeon, to be more precise – whose work deals with diseases, disabilities and deaths with heavy ‘ doses ’ of agony and occasional moments of joy .

Photography, with its artistic charm gives a balance to the outlook and attitude in life – perhaps, complements and supports my professional life.
I plan to do whatever possible,  in my humble way,  to help in spreading awareness on conservation of precious but fragile nature and all forms of life in it.