Changing of the Guard @ Buckingham Palace, London – 1

It is a traditional ceremony where the Old guards hand over the responsibility of protecting 
Buckingham Palace and St James Palace to the New Guards .
They say , it has been a regular feature since 1660  – 
though the Buckingham Palace has been officially the London home of Britain’s monarchs only since 1837.

The Changing of the Guard is one of London’s most popular tourist attractions
Our tour advisor told us that it is a critical part of ‘ experiencing London.’.A ‘ must-see ‘ !
Fantastic display of guards, military bands, horse mounted soldiers in full regalia.
‘ It is Britain in all its splendor very royal !” 
It spans three locations – Buckingham Palace , St. James Palace and Wellington Barracks .
A lot of history,customs and details are available on the Net. 
In fact ,the actual changing of the guard happens behind the Palace’s fences.
There are crowds all over the place , which make it impossible to see actual Changing of the Guard ceremony.
The waiting time is too long .
Moving around to get a good view of the ceremony , in full , is ,also, not possible , due to the crowds and the security arrangements !
Those who wait outside in the forecourt , see only soldiers march past into and from the Palace .
Still, immaculately turned out guards in their special attire , precision drill , bands playing lively music – all combine to make the ceremony,a great spectacle to watch .