Splendour !


Splendour !

69 thoughts on “Splendour !

    • The work involves the roof designs in the lobby of the hotel – Atlantis , The Palm – in Dubai .
      Amazing art work illuminated by controlled sunlight is very much impressive.

      Thank you .


    • The central blue-yellow-red structure is of glass.
      The white columns and roof designs represent the palms – beautifully !
      It is in Dubai , in a hotel Atlantis , the Palm .

      Worth a visit – certainly !


      • Thank you so much for enlightening me on the artist and art work. I did not know who the artist was. Thank you for the link as well. You are right , His works are amazing !!


    • Definitely , it is beautiful !
      To be frank , I had to struggle to get its beauty in single picture.
      And of course , shot quite a lot of pix.

      Thank you for the encouragement .


    • I am , in fact , ashamed to admit my ignorance about the artist , who is so much talented and popular.
      i liked the art have several shots of it in various angles , but did not know who created it 😦 !
      I have learned a lot from his website , now.

      Thank you , Elettra .


  1. Giggling … Waooooh … !!!what a surprise!!! … This is just so beautiful … Mr. Uthamz always have the best intriguing post … This is so lovely … Thanks for sharing Mr. Uthamz …

    • 🙂 ! It was a stunning piece of art , difficult to photograph in its entirety .
      I think this shot could get its beauty to a great extent !

      Thank you.


  2. what spectacular photo…the glass piece in the centre is gorgeous, it is certainly a stunning roof design for the lobby of a hotel! it would be wonderful to see I’m sure!

    • The entire area is beautiful , Scott !
      I was struggling to get the whole scene on photograph.
      I think this shot could capture the beauty the best !

      Thank you.


  3. One word…GASP! I have a timeshare in the Bahama Atlantis, when I saw this that was the first thing I thought of, but had never seen it so I was confused and wondering if there was a new addition completed. Makes sense now–I would love to go to the Dubai one but I would have to sell a child to afford it–just kidding 🙂

    • :)! :)! You are right ! It must be terribly expensive ! May be only Super-rich can afford it . GASP ! GASP ! I did not dare even to check the tariff. 🙂 ! Fortunately , they allow tourists to the lobby , underground aquarium , some parts of hotel surroundings . Rest of the place has restricted entry. This one is in lobby .

      Thank you so much !


    • India is a beautiful place ,Mary , a bit large one.
      It has a rich past with several cultures religions and traditions.Come some time, you will love the visit.

      Thank you very much for the kind words

    • Thank you , Mel Mann , for the kind words.
      The place is worth a visit – at least to view it once.
      Incredibly beautiful design , I should say .
      A treat for eyes. I am sure , you as a professional , can get a better perspective and better shots

      Thanks again.


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